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Prestige Legacy is NZ's leading supplier of quality horse floats owned by New Zealanders, designed by experts, built by world leaders in engineering, for discerning New Zealanders looking for safety and luxury features and for the best money can buy


Nicki Dalton - Auckland

"After hiring various other brands of floats over the last season, I found that our favourite was the Legacy. Anytime it wasn't available to hire, we were always disappointed to end up with a very basic (in the way of features) alternative. We found that we would end up with all our tack etc crammed into the boot of the car because there was no tack locker and we always really missed not having water too. On one particular occasion one of our small ponies actually wriggled out under the rear bum bar of an alternative float, before we had a chance to put the ramp up!

 The Legacy, on the other hand, has big deep padded sections (far deeper than bars) that no pony would be able to reach under. Another feature that I was adamant about was electric brakes. Having to repeatedly get in and out of the car every time I wanted to manoeuvre seemed absurd.

 After some months of hiring and making sure that the Legacy was really the best float out there, we bought an SLX. We couldn't be more pleased with it. It's great to tow, we love all the extra features like the tack cupboard and extra storage, the fact that it can be locked up and is completely sealed (a bonus for being parked outside), the water tank, thick padding for our horses and also the bed! We camped in a Legacy at our pony club camp earlier this year and although it was torrential rain and was extremely windy, my daughter and I were very cosy in the float. Nothing leaked!
We have also added a sink and an awning which will be a bonus as we get out and about over the next coming season".
Nicki Dalton - Auckland