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Prestige Legacy is NZ's leading supplier of quality horse floats owned by New Zealanders, designed by experts, built by world leaders in engineering, for discerning New Zealanders looking for safety and luxury features and for the best money can buy


Chris Churches and Cecelia Moore - Inglewood

"Due to constant WOF failures on our Thoroughbred float, we decided to contact Tony and Shelley at Auckland Floats regarding a short term lease. Six trouble free years later, we still had the lease float.
Having had such a great run with the float, when it came time to purchase a new float, and after much shopping around, we approached Tony and Shelley regarding their Legacy range. ( Prestige Trailers).
Within a week of first communicating with them, we had our new float and couldn't be happier.
We would like to thank Tony and Shelley for their fantastic service we have received over the last six years."
Chris Churches and Cecelia Moore - Inglewood