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Prestige Legacy is NZ's leading supplier of quality horse floats owned by New Zealanders, designed by experts, built by world leaders in engineering, for discerning New Zealanders looking for safety and luxury features and for the best money can buy


Michaela Kelly and her new Prestige Legacy Float

Hi Shelley & Tony
Thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with my Legacy SLX ... this weekend I finally had my first 'away' Horse Trial in a very long time, so got to camp in the float.  It was super!  There was plenty of room to hang/set up all my gear, being able to remove the chest bar is invaluable for space, the bed wasn't uncomfortable, and although I initially thought having a sink and tap was a bit of an overkill, I wouldn't be without it now!  The cupboards and benchtop is great, I was able to set up my little gas cooker to cook my dinner, and I'm really glad I got the power pack, it's a super little unit that just makes using the water and lights (ahh yes internal lights are great to!) so much easier, not to mention I could charge my mobile phone as well.  It's lovely being able to store my saddles in the float in the cupboard saddle racks rather than in my car, so much less unpacking of gear when I get to a venue, previously everything was piled strategically in my car and then carefully unloaded when I got to a venue before attempting to repack it for the drive home, much better having room in the float to store gear.
I've had loads of use out of it in the short time I've had it, my horse travels well and I love having the back fully sealed off.  Everything is very easy to use and just works well - very pleased and looking forward to plenty more weekends away in it!
Michaela :)