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Prestige Legacy is NZ's leading supplier of quality horse floats owned by New Zealanders, designed by experts, built by world leaders in engineering, for discerning New Zealanders looking for safety and luxury features and for the best money can buy

The Way the World is Moving

  Prestige is proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated company.  We know local conditions like the back of our hand and have a very strong understanding of quality and safety issues when it comes to operating a horse float.
Globalisation is very definitely a factor that works in favour of many New Zealand companies. It allows people like us the chance to search the world for the best materials, design, features and engineering available.
We’ve found a perfect partner in turning our creations into outstanding finished products via our Chinese connections.  There was a time, as with the Japanese and Koreans, when Chinese made was not necessarily synonymous with engineering excellence.
But like their fellow Asian ‘tiger’ cousins Chinese manufacturers are now among the world’s best.  In many areas they lead the world in state of the art capabilities that leave others in their dust.
In addition, Prestige has selected a number of locally made components that meet our stringent standards.
So we proudly say we enjoy the best of all worlds in offering the most discerning buyers a Prestige Horse Float.