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Legacy SL

$22,995.00 incl gst

The LEGACY SL is our base model, not that you would  believe it given the extra's we have crammed into it.

The LEGACY SL is one of the widest straight load floats on the market. Being 300 mm wider than most other brands, gives the LEGACY more stability on the road. We have found narrow floats to be the major contributor to horses scrambling, as narrower floats tend to lean more when cornering causing stress and panic inside. The LEGACY'S extra width not only gives your horse more room to spread its legs, but makes it more inviting to wary horses, (the Legacy's ramp is 220 mm wider than most other brands)

The other excellent feature about the LEGACY'S design, is the weight. We have built these floats to last, therefore they are more solid than most other's on the market, (try jumping on the roof of any other brand, and see how it goes) . This extra weight, helps prevent the float from "bouncing", which tends to happen with the lighter models, particularly on New Zealand's "less than perfect" roads. This too causes panic inside and can have disasterous consequences.

Most other company's are evasive about the true cost of their float's, by only advertising the cost of a basic model, then absolutely "hammering" you for extra's. Try asking them how much to include alloys, 4 wheel electric brakes and built in brake controller, rear lift up door, side windows and full rubber fit-out". I bet you will not get any change out of $5000.00! The LEGACY SL model, comes complete with all of these extra's. We are up-front with all costs, and will not surprise you with the little add-ons.

Legacy SL Standard Features Include:

The outside story:

  • Full aluminium body kit – stone chip protection all around
  • One piece hot dipped galvanised chassis
  • Galvanised steel frame and 2mm aluminium side panels 
  • Axles are made from 50mm solid steel bar
  • Equalising load bearing suspension for load sharing on uneven terrain
  • Lubrication points on suspension pins and ramp hinges
  • Extra wide wheel base allows greater stability and smoother travelling
  • Solid mudguards able to be used as mounting block
  • Rear dust door enabling float to be fully locked
  • Alloy wheels for a more stylish finish
  • Heavy duty commercial grade 8 ply 195 x 14 tyres
  • 100x 50mm drawbar with aluminium checker plate infill
  • Jockey wheel – heavy duty, largest made in NZ
  • 4 wheel electric brakes with fitted NZ made proportional brake controller - no vehicle modification needed
  • LED lights including 6 side marker lights, high stop and tail light
  • Twin pop up vents
  • Extra wide loading ramp with rubber matting and cleats
  • Gas struts on ramp for easy lifting
  • Stainless steel latches, horse tie-ups and fittings
  • Sliding side windows with insect mesh
  • Offset pedestrian door with latch to hold back
  • Available in any colour choice
The inside story:
  • Full rubber fit out – floor and walls
  • Holypan Fibreglass Flooring with 10mm sealed rubber overlay (will never rot)
  • Full padding
  • Removable hot dipped galvanised dividers and head guards
  • Hinged curved chest bars, completely removable and adjustable
  • Completely removable centre bar for carrying hay/furniture
  • Huge padded bum bars – with spring loaded catch
  • Full width bum bar and ¼ bar also supplied
  • Internal seat
  • Overhead rug rack
  • Insulated roof
  • 2 LED internal lights

Legacy SL Optional Extras:

Fiamma Awning
Awning Lights
Prestige Power Pack
Hay Storage
Cameras – internal and reversing


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