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Prestige Legacy is NZ's leading supplier of quality horse floats owned by New Zealanders, designed by experts, built by world leaders in engineering, for discerning New Zealanders looking for safety and luxury features and for the best money can buy


  • Brent Crow and Nicci McClintock - Loburn, Christchurch

    “We decided after a good 6 months of looking at all the different brands on the market to go with Prestige Trailers (Legacy).  The service and quality of the product was outstanding.  We wanted extras like roof hay rack, privacy room and western saddle box which they happily quoted and had made.  Value for money was another deciding factor, we got more bang for our buck.  The float was delivered within the time frame we needed it by”   
    Brent Crow and Nicci McClintock -  Loburn, Christchurch
  • Darrelle Stackhouse - Cheviot

    “We love our new Legacy double angle load float with all the extras. The horses travel well and it tows beautifully. Fantastic value for money. Tony and Shelley are brilliant to deal with and go the extra mile to be of service”
    Darrelle Stackhouse – Cheviot
  • Peter George – Mt Maunganui

    “I have spent 4 months researching floats and thank god we made the effort to view the LEGACY.  It is everything we wanted in a float and our horses ride so well in it.  We are now turning heads at Pony Club and Hunt Sports Days”   
    Peter George – Mt Maunganui

  • Kirsten Hence - Karaka

    “I bought a Legacy ALX horse float from Prestige Trailers in 2012.  After finding out what my needs were, Tony and Shelley helped me pick the perfect horse float for me.  Tony was full of ideas as to what would suit me best for me and my two horses travelling to shows. I absolutely love my horse float.  Everytime I take it out, I get comments on what a good looking and practical float it is.  
    People can't believe how much storage space I have with the rug racks, cupboards and tack box. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Legacy Horse Floats and Tony and Shelley Masterton, who couldn't do enough for me”
    Kirsten Hence – Karaka
  • Lance Hastie - Christchurch

    "We were thrilled to take delivery of the LEGACY ALX angle load float and find its well engineered construction was matched by a quality of finish missed on every other design we had looked at previously. It confirms the time and effort Prestige Trailers have put in to a product that is not only functional but has all the touches to make it a ready-to-go asset that will last for a lifetime. Complete with all the fixtures and fittings, its smart look puts the icing on the cake of a float we are proud to have".
    Lance Hastie - Christchurch 

  • Nicki Dalton - Auckland

    "After hiring various other brands of floats over the last season, I found that our favourite was the Legacy. Anytime it wasn't available to hire, we were always disappointed to end up with a very basic (in the way of features) alternative. We found that we would end up with all our tack etc crammed into the boot of the car because there was no tack locker and we always really missed not having water too. On one particular occasion one of our small ponies actually wriggled out under the rear bum bar of an alternative float, before we had a chance to put the ramp up!

     The Legacy, on the other hand, has big deep padded sections (far deeper than bars) that no pony would be able to reach under. Another feature that I was adamant about was electric brakes. Having to repeatedly get in and out of the car every time I wanted to manoeuvre seemed absurd.

     After some months of hiring and making sure that the Legacy was really the best float out there, we bought an SLX. We couldn't be more pleased with it. It's great to tow, we love all the extra features like the tack cupboard and extra storage, the fact that it can be locked up and is completely sealed (a bonus for being parked outside), the water tank, thick padding for our horses and also the bed! We camped in a Legacy at our pony club camp earlier this year and although it was torrential rain and was extremely windy, my daughter and I were very cosy in the float. Nothing leaked!
    We have also added a sink and an awning which will be a bonus as we get out and about over the next coming season".
    Nicki Dalton - Auckland

  • Matt & Kate Brown – Whitford, Auckland

    "We took a great deal of time and effort to research the right float for our particular needs. We took important considerations such as quality of workmanship and the “supplied as standard” features, plus as many “extras” if you need them. We found that Prestige floats offer better value for money than a lot of other brands out there, but most importantly without having to compromise on quality… and after many months, and many trips, with our Prestige float, we know we made the right choice! We are extremely happy, our horses travel comfortably and safely, so we all arrive at our events relaxed and stress free - what more can you ask for!
    Tony and Shelley have been great to deal with, they offer sensible advice in helping you choose whats right for you, no pushy sales pitch, and have always done their best to accommodate our requirements. We started off hiring a float from them, and now we are the proud owners of a fully kitted out angle loader.  We are more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking to buy a quality float, you won’t be disappointed!"
    Matt & Kate Brown – Whitford, Auckland
  • Chris Churches and Cecelia Moore - Inglewood

    "Due to constant WOF failures on our Thoroughbred float, we decided to contact Tony and Shelley at Auckland Floats regarding a short term lease. Six trouble free years later, we still had the lease float.
    Having had such a great run with the float, when it came time to purchase a new float, and after much shopping around, we approached Tony and Shelley regarding their Legacy range. ( Prestige Trailers).
    Within a week of first communicating with them, we had our new float and couldn't be happier.
    We would like to thank Tony and Shelley for their fantastic service we have received over the last six years."
    Chris Churches and Cecelia Moore - Inglewood
  • Michaela Kelly and her new Prestige Legacy Float

    Hi Shelley & Tony
    Thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with my Legacy SLX ... this weekend I finally had my first 'away' Horse Trial in a very long time, so got to camp in the float.  It was super!  There was plenty of room to hang/set up all my gear, being able to remove the chest bar is invaluable for space, the bed wasn't uncomfortable, and although I initially thought having a sink and tap was a bit of an overkill, I wouldn't be without it now!  The cupboards and benchtop is great, I was able to set up my little gas cooker to cook my dinner, and I'm really glad I got the power pack, it's a super little unit that just makes using the water and lights (ahh yes internal lights are great to!) so much easier, not to mention I could charge my mobile phone as well.  It's lovely being able to store my saddles in the float in the cupboard saddle racks rather than in my car, so much less unpacking of gear when I get to a venue, previously everything was piled strategically in my car and then carefully unloaded when I got to a venue before attempting to repack it for the drive home, much better having room in the float to store gear.
    I've had loads of use out of it in the short time I've had it, my horse travels well and I love having the back fully sealed off.  Everything is very easy to use and just works well - very pleased and looking forward to plenty more weekends away in it!
    Michaela :)
  • Jackie Law & her 17.1hh Shire X Show Jumper


    We bought our Legacy SLX2 in June and now after a few outings, are just thrilled with it. 
    The extra wide and longer straight load suits our 17.1hh Shire x Show Jumper so well and he self loads on to the float and has room to spare with all the head room in the world.  We also breed ponies and weanlings load and travel happily and safely.
    Tony was brilliant in helping us design the features we wanted in the float and as we are only carrying one hack we also had swing out tack box and cover rack installed.  This is fantastic and gives us tones of gear room and we are able to fit a pony underneath the rack if needed, or the rack can be removed to carry two hacks.
    The full kitchen fit out with gas stove, califont and fridge is awesome and with the solar panel on top of the float the battery is always full.  The horse sure appreciates those hot washes!
    The fold down beds are very comfortable and we now look forward to those overnight stays with all the comforts of home, rather than dreading them!
    I can highly recommend a Legacy float as being well built, great to tow and above all, so affordable to have all the features that are required for a safe trip and a comfortable stay.